P. J. Riley


I’m old(er!) now and the rocks I stood on as a child are a little smoother, and the water is higher. I’m generally to be found painting the energy and power of nature, and man’s place in the grand scheme of things. The paintings may seem to be unconnected but they all share my concern for the future, and our collective guilt on where we are now, against the passage of time, the
changing light, seasons, the heat and the rising sea levels.

These paintings were painted in Grenada in the West Indies.


Big Tree #7 (With Bubble Fruit)
Acrylic on canvas
Price on application

An interpretation of a Banyan tree in fruit.
Only trees have the power to transcend human generations , and form a connection between earth and sky. At certain times of the year the Banyan produces orb like fruit and I painted as
though I was a bird or insect flying towards it, in a kind of wild perspective.


Acrylic + spray paint on canvas
Price on application

Painted for the exhibition… A view of the red planet with its first human visitor lit with florescent
light from an unseen ship.
I’ve never quite understood the fascination with space travel. We are entrusted with an irreplaceable Eden, and yet the finest minds of our generation (Jeff, Elon!) seem to be already looking to space rather than to our own forests and oceans with their still undiscovered wonders .



Experimental Landscape
Acrylic on canvas
Price on application


Three Moons and a Fetus
Acrylic on canvas
Price on application


P. J. Riley


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