Riikka Katajamaki


Handwoven and knotted textile wall hanging, wool, rug yarn, paper yarn in cotton warp.


I totally lost my creativity during the lockdown. My mind was  occupied by depressing news, the uncertainty of what was happening, home schooling 4 kids of various ages yet at the same time trying to keep everyone’s spirits up. It took me a long time to get into the right spirit and even think about anything creative.


That is why when I eventually got going with this piec, it was a total joy to do. The riot of colour! The shapes! Just getting my hands onto the materials again. Oh, it was so uplifting and joyous thing to do. The abstract forms and using a lot of opposite colours in the same knots. I was happy! I was creative again!


I hope that I have managed to project the happiness and joy of making this piece and you will feel the same when looking at it.




Riikka Katajamaki


Riikka Katajamaki Textile Artist

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