Robin Tynan


Robin (pronouns e/em/eir) is queer, disabled artist from Leeds. E works in a variety of materials on numerous themes, however often likes to explore traditional artistic narratives in a modern context. In this triptych e combines eir interest and love of how modern science can lead to a more sustainable future with the classic British landscape of traditional watercolour art. E can often be heard to say “we live in the future” as e appreciates a good wind turbine and eir art often tries to demonstrate that not only do we have the technology for a sustainable future already available but that it can be a beautiful part of our landscapes that we can all enjoy. This triptych shows that not only can we find beauty in the ever changing moods of nature but in the change and development of the world we live in.


Blades of Hope Triptych
Each is 20.5×30.5cm – the three mounted together is 73.5x28cm


Robin Tynan


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