Sarah Clein


Sarah grew up in Liverpool and has lived in Shropshire for 15 years. She lives in a house on a hill with her soulmate and family which includes boys, cats, dog, chickens and bees. She worked in the public sector for 25 years before setting up her own business, coaching ‘knackered’ midlife women amongst other things. She is currently a school governor at two local schools.


When she’s not painting, listening to music, creative writing or working, she can be found outside in the fresh air, planting wildflowers, taking pictures of flowers, greeting the moon and walking the lanes with the dog. As a water sign, she hates being too far away from the sea, rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, hot tubs or baths !


Sarah has previously worked with oils, pencil, charcoal, watercolours, pastels before settling on a preference for acrylics. This is her first ever exhibited piece and was created with large brush strokes, lolly ice sticks, cotton wool and fingers.


“Imperfect sunshine” was conceived on a sunny day with the windows flung wide open and the birds singing outside. It came about after lockdown restrictions started to lift and it aims to capture the essence of warmth, freedom, light, joy and hope after a long, hard winter.


Imperfect Sunshine
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Sarah Clein

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