Sian Hughes


Hello. My name is Siân Hughes, I live in Oswestry and making art from stained glass using the Tiffany copper foil technique is my passion.


Creating this bowl was a real labour of love .. as well as being great fun! Firstly, each small piece of carefully chosen coloured glass had to be smoothed and shaped using a grinder, then all the edges were wrapped with copper foil. Next, each piece was painstakingly soldered into just the right place and space; rather like putting together a 3D puzzle. The whole process took several days, but was worth it in the end and deeply satisfying, especially when I saw how glorious the colours looked in the sunshine.


Why call it ‘Tequila Sunrise’? Because, as the colour graduated, ombré effect of the strategically placed pieces of glass began to emerge, it put me in mind of the cocktail of the same name. Cheers!


To find out more about my work search on-line for: Sian Hughes Creations


Tequila Sunrise
Stained Glass


Sian Hughes



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