Sian Naomi Dorman


Sian Naomi Dorman is a London based Sustainable Costume Designer & Set Installation Artist who creates rentable costume designs and art pieces for use in film, photoshoots, dance performances and more. Sian works with all types of people from all walks in life, musicians, dancers, stylists and photographers are her main clientele.


Working at a time when sustainability and eco-consciousness is more important than ever. Sian innovatively combines materials such as: disposed fabrics (natural & synthetic), collected plastics & other waste items, vegetables, fruits, and other ‘gifts’ from nature, which she then melts, bonds, wraps, manipulates, constructs, deconstructs, and moulds, to become three-dimensional ‘wearable art’ and set installation sculptures. The display of her work, often within performative contexts, challenges traditional gallery or runway methods of presenting art works; instead, her abstract shapes, forms and imagery become individual actors with movement, presence, and a sensory nature to engage with. With a flux between monochrome and vibrant colour schemes, her diverse body of work is compelling, mysterious and fun.


Sian’s techniques & drive are strengthened by her time at the University of Arts, London: Chelsea College of Art & Design where she earned a 1st Class Honours BA Textiles degree, and her growing concern to improve the impact of the fashion & textiles industry on the environment. Sian has exhibited her works in a number of London galleries including: the OXO Tower Bargehouse, Stour Space, Morley Gallery & The Ugly Duck. She has been featured in an article in Textiles View Magazine, and her clients include: Les Enfants Terribles, Kraken Rum, Kimatica Studio, Film Writer & Director Naeem Mahmoud, Butoh Dancer Mai Nguyen Tri, Singers Belle Scar, Luke November, Shunaji and Livia Rita.


– All work available for Hire, Please contact Sian directly.


‘Quarantine Jungle’ Wearables

Released May 2021

“Upcycled plastic waste installation made solely from collected plastic waste upcycled into flowers. Throughout this covid-19 lockdown period I have been working on my latest sustainable plastic waste installation ‘Quarantine Jungle’. As a Sustainable Artist I work a lot with rubbish products as a way to reduce waste in a creatively aesthetic manor. This is something that I believe that more artists should be doing with the hopes of showcasing to the public the small ways in which we can all come together to reduce the effects of climate change on our environment. This Project looks at re-purposing waste from products we consume and transforming them into flowers which symbolise new hope and growth.”


The Visuals:
Costume Design: Hat and upcycled flowers designed and made by myself, Sian Dorman
Rainmac Designed and Pattern Cut by Sara Louise Renwick (check spelling)
Photographed by Joanna Claire Photography
Hair & Make-up: Umami Monae
Model: Umami Monae


Sian Naomi Dorman




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