Stephen Terry


Following years of study at Norwich School of Art and Birmingham University a government apparatchik advised me to use my capabilities in a commercial/industrial environment. Subsequently, decades were spent playing a part in bringing about the current state of British industry.
Meanwhile artistic activity followed a reciprocal path.
Upon retiring from this endeavour a gradual return to creating things began.


“Still life”: This collage is an amalgamation of real, copied and imagined objects in a composed setting.
The shape of the objects is stressed by purposely not overlapping and restricting the brighter and stronger colours to them.


“Beach structure” began from a photograph taken on a sunny day at Walberswick on the Suffolk coast. The repeated pier supports overlain by the wooden struts and the shadows cast by all giving shapes and further negative shapes were the initial attraction.


Still Life
Paper Collage


Beach Structure
Paper Collage


Stephen Terry

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