Steve Sutton


My work for the past 3 years has focused on the relationship between humans and the natural environment. I explore this through working directly with my hands using a range of materials such as wood, stone, clay, shells, and fruit. I draw viewer’s attention to the beauty, power, fragility and importance of the natural world and its biodiversity. Humans are having a profound impact on our planet and my recent practice connects my love of nature to current environmental and climate crises.


My work often takes the form of sculptures and 3D installations accompanied by an extensive range of related drawings in pen, charcoal, and pastels. I am an associate member of the Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, also currently exhibiting at The Hive Gallery, Shrewsbury.


About ‘Memorial to the lost Forest’


The sculpture on display here is a small-scale installation, designed as a maquette for a large outdoor project. It is a response to the continuing loss of forests and biodiversity, so vital for life on this planet.


The red tree exists as the central focal point surrounded by 3 distinct concentric circular enclosures. The inner circle of segmented carved forms creates a symbolic sanctuary for the tree. The architectural columns and accompanying stones allude to ancient classical temples and Neolithic ritual monuments. The outer circle of scorched tree-like forms express their vulnerability to fire and destruction.


Memorial to the Lost Forest
Wood and Stone
90cm diameter x 46cm high


Steve Sutton



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