Tim Pugh


I am an Environmental Artist based in Flintshire and Cumbria and I create temporary site specific installations and drawings using a wide range of mixed media. I work in contrasting countryside and urban locations creating work from natural and man-made materials, often in response to environmental issues and concerns such as climate change and marine wildlife pollution.

I have exhibited my work widely across the UK and abroad and have undertaken and participated in many national and international residencies and projects. In addition I conduct art workshops for schools and community groups, helping people of all ages and abilities to create their own artworks.

For the exhibition I have submitted “Tideline Turtle “,which is an enlarged photograph of a turtle created from collected tideline plastic and located at Whitehaven in West Cumbria. The intention of the installation is to highlight marine and sea life degradation from the effects of ocean pollution. I harvested locally found beach plastic washed up on the shore  which was then arranged into bands of contrasting colours blending into each other inside the turtle shape. After photographing the artwork it was then dismantled with the plastic to be recycled and used for future projects.



Tideline Turtle
Photograph of Installation


Tim Pugh



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