Get Creative with your Camera: Wednesday March 25, 10:30-16:00


Wednesday 25th March 
10:30am to 4pm

Tutor: Cheryl Hamer


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We’re delighted to welcome award-winning, Snowdonia-based photographer and tutor, Cheryl Hamer to Qube. Cheryl will making sure you’ve got to grip with your camera basics then show you how to obtain more creative shots like creating ‘silkiness’ and texture with water and using intentional camera movement to create abstract work. Cheryl was short-listed for the prestigious Landscape Photographer of the Year competition 2018 and has been published in many magazines including On Landscape, Outdoor Photography and Landscape Photography.

Participants need to have a good quality bridge camera or SLR and should have an understanding of the manual settings on their camera. Join us for what promises to be an inspiring and illuminating workshop.

“With your guidance I’ve gone beyond the technical side to the inspirational side of photography.”

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