Intermediate Filmmaking – 2 week workshop, starts 29th June


Tuesdays 29th June & 6th July, 10:30am – 12:30pm
* Last day for bookings 22nd June

Price: £35

Tutors: Piece of String Media

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Intermediate Filmmaking Workshops

A series of two 2-hour Zoom workshops (for up to 10 participants)
Tuesdays 29th June & 6th July, 10.30am-12.30pm

Zoom one-to-one slots:
Each participant will also have a 40-minute remote one-to-one support session following the workshops. This will be an opportunity to address individual questions / projects in more detail. (Dates below)

Outline of the workshops

You’ve shot and edited your first short film(s). Use different filmmakers’ viewpoints to learn how to make more professional pieces. The workshops will look at how to:

Think like a creative producer — Consider the content, style, and tone of the film you’re making.
Who is it for? What budget and resources do you have?

Think like a director — What’s the story? How can you tell it to your audience creatively? Plan how you’ll approach the audio and visual storytelling, using the locations and resources you have.

Think like a camera operator / sound operator — What are the technical challenges you might encounter with the kit you have and where you’ll be working? Plan your shoots, recording sessions, and set-ups taking these into account.

Think like an editor — How can you fulfil the brief, and realise the director’s plan, with the media you’ve got? What editing tools do you have to improve on the visuals and sound?

The sessions will include practical time for you to try things out, and plenty of time for questions.

About the workshop leaders

Nick (she/her) and Mike (he/him) are award-winning filmmakers. Their work has screened at international festivals and been broadcast on TV. They’ve delivered diverse commissions for local and national charities, museums, and arts, community, and heritage organisations, to help raise awareness and promote inspiring projects. They deliver workshops and projects on every aspect of the filmmaking process, from introductory to advanced, and offer bespoke training and support to individuals and organisations.

We will get in touch to ask you the following questions after booking:

Equipment, software, and pre-workshop requirements
Please note: these sessions are not for complete beginners.

The sessions will look at processes and techniques, rather than device-specific or app-specific tutorials.

The workshops will focus primarily on:
• using mobile devices to capture both video and sound
• editing on a computer, using examples from iMovie (Macs) and Shotcut (Macs and PCs), both of these apps are free.

To make the most of these sessions we suggest:
• you have shot and edited your first film(s)
• you are familiar with using your smart phone or tablet to capture video and sound
• you have successfully installed, and are familiar with, at least the basics of a video editing app on your computer

What filmmaking kit and editing set-up do you currently have?
Computer (make and model)
Editing application on your computer (name and version)
Smart phone (make and model)
Tablet (make and model)
Microphone(s) (type)
Other useful equipment

Your experience

Please tell us about your filmmaking, and video editing, experience so far.

What are you hoping to learn from the workshops and one-to-one?

Remote one-to-one sessions availability

Please let us know if there are any of the times you’re NOT available. We will allocate your slot
taking this into account.

Wednesday 7th July 2.30pm, 3.45pm or 5pm
Thursday 8th July 9.30am, 10.45am or 12 noon
Friday 9th July 2.30pm, 3.45pm or 5pm
Monday 12th July 9.30am, 10.45am or 12 noon


We want to make this training as inclusive and accessible as we can. Is there anything we need to know to help with this?
If so, it would be really useful if we can have a chat before the sessions. Please let us know the best way to get in touch (Please add your email / phone number here)

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