Lyrical Lines – A Poet’s Perspective: April 22, 11:00-15:00


Wednesday 22nd April 
11am to 3pm

Tutor: Suzanne Iuppa

£40 (includes light lunch)

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Join writer and poet, Suzanne Iuppa for another inspiring and creative half-day workshop of literary immersion. This event coincides with the Qube Gallery Photographic Exhibition on the theme of ‘Lines’ and we will take this theme loosely in a lyrical sense, using ‘lines’ as a basis to explore refrain and repetition. We will also experimenting with the ‘pantoum’, a braided and interwoven form and one way to construct a poem of great beauty, often used to create an elegy or in celebration.

As always, there will be opportunities for close-listening and sharing of participants’ work and in addition, (if you choose to), in the second part of the session there will be a chance to record your work for a podcast of our writer’s voices.

The course fee includes a light lunch.

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