Printing with Nature: Wednesday May 20, 10:00-16:00


Wednesday 20th May 
10am to 4pm

Tutor: Maggie Furmanek


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Join Oswestry-based printmaker Maggie Furmanek, for a day of printing inspired by natural forms. We will be using lightly pressed seed heads, flowers and feathers to create unique mono-prints. You will learn how to select and prepare natural materials to create a crisp and clean image.  Every individual print produced will be unique, as the materials begin to degrade during the printing process.  Maggie will provide a range of plant materials and feathers to print from, and showing how lace and other textiles can be used to provide interesting backgrounds or highlights.  We will be printing onto ‘found’ papers. Please bring along any old maps, letters etc that you may wish to incorporate into your image.

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