Bulrush Basketry


Saturday 22 June
10am to 4:30pm

With Rosie Farey


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North Wales artist / basketmaker, Rosie Farey specialises in making fine miniature and functional baskets from native bulrush. Rosie made her first rush basket at the tender age of eight after collecting a bundle of rushes from the field in front of her house.

Rosie will teach you how to make a small fruit bowl sized basket on a mould and you will be able to learn traditional skills and techniques, such as check weave, pairing and track borders.

We will be using our native freshwater bulrush, the Great or Common Clubrush, scirpus lacustris an elegant, dark green species which grows up to 3 m (10 ft) high or more in our freshwater areas, providing shelter for birds.

Rush baskets have a fantastic aroma of fresh hay and the soft and suppleness of this bulrush species makes it especially suitable for beginners.

All materials and tools will be provided.

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