Qube Arts: One Gallery, Three Exhibitions

1 gallery, three exhibitions at Qube Arts

Qube Arts: One Gallery, Three Exhibitions

Having just curated the fantastic ‘One Gallery, Three Exhibitons’ exhibition, Qube’s Arts & Creativity Officer, Gemma reflects on the thought process behind the exhibition and shares a little more about the artists who are featuring.

I’d like to say a huge welcome to our October exhibition “One Gallery, Three Exhibitions”. We invited a painter (Michael Paramore), a printmaker (Rach Lloyd) and a collective of five Ceramicists that have just graduated from Wrexham University to exhibit together.

One of the things that sparked the idea for the exhibition was a passing comment from one of our Arts Open entrants earlier this year, who mentioned the difference it made to see their work on a gallery wall. So often artists are limited by space, be it in a studio, a spare room or a cupboard under the stairs. Work can pile up and doesn’t get seen in the way the artist intended it to and in the context that it’s meant to be shown.

With this exhibition we have been able to invite several different artists a space to share a small selection of their work. This means that for those just starting out in their artistic career they can see their work in a gallery, and the more established artists can showcase new collections.

This exhibition brings together different mediums and styles in one space, so visitors to the gallery can see an eclectic selection of work! For example, we have a collective of recent university graduates who each have their own styles and portray ceramics in beautifully different ways. Meanwhile, we have Michael Paramore who explores lines, colour, patterns and whimsical characters within his painting and then with Rach Lloyd who uses a range of techniques and materials to create and wonderful selection of silly, joyous and nonsensical prints.

It’s amazing to see such an array of talent in just one exhibition! It makes me so excited for more of our future exhibitions!