Ali Andrew

When first thinking about the theme of reflection, my mind went to beautiful lakes, landscape oil paintings and tranquil images. However, this year is particularly distinctive and I wanted to create a piece to acknowledge this.

As you reflect on 2020 what will you remember? 

I know this has been a hard time for so many and for a wide array of reasons. However, I wanted my work to be positive. I chose the face mask not only as a symbol of the pandemic, but also to represent the role of our healthcare workers. During this time, we have started to appreciate the true value of our NHS workers and people who give and show care in our communities. My hope is that we will not forget this. When the pandemic eventually passes and life becomes a new norm, this piece is a reminder of what really matters.

Ali Andrew is an international artist and art educator. She has a passion for learning and as such, her work constantly evolves. Ali has lived and worked in England, Malaysia, Egypt and China. She now splits her time between Shanghai and Oswestry.

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20/20 Vision – A Reflection of the Year
Digital Painting
38 x 33cm