Andrew Ekins

This print is part of a continuing series of works that explore the aesthetics of everyday ephemera, and the exclusivity of limited edition artworks. The source material is extracted and collected from a variety of apparently mundane sources (such as fortune cookies, bingo tickets, merchandising paraphernalia), and is then re-purposed by being re-printed and re-made as an art object. Taken out of its usual banal context this re-presentation offers a new, heightened meaning, and is intended to cause us to pause and reflect upon the underlying meaning of the barrage of sound bites, bywords, advertising and marketing messages we encounter on a daily basis.

Andrew Ekins is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, winning the Socrates Travel Prize (Egypt) and the Ina & Hugh Chaplin Trust Award. Currently working in London, his work explores the contradictions and duality of an interest in the built environment and the natural habitat, the lustre and grime of human presence and its influence on the anthropocentric imprint on the places we make and inhabit, the sediment of experience and memory.

14 x 18cm