Annie Rogers

My name is Annie, I am 22 years old and being creative is something that I feel I was born with rather then something I learnt as I grew. I studied Art, Graphics, Photography and Illustration all the way through to university where I sadly failed my first year. This is when I spontaneously decided to jump into a dance course even though I had never done any dance training beforehand. During lockdown after finishing my degree in dance, I decided to dive back into my passion for art. After failing my first year I did not do any art for three years due to feeling so deflated in my ability I took lockdown as the perfect opportunity to go completely back to basics and learn the fundamentals. Portraits were my biggest fear so it became my goal to progress as much as possible. In this journey, I decided to finally begin my lifelong dream of having my own small art business, so with this, I started “twenty-two”. A place where I could express my love for creating and sell my work along the way. After many trial and errors and half my savings gone, my little business is fully underway where I create, print and package every order myself at home and offer commissions for people that want something special captured for them to cherish for life.

I created this piece “Light of Day” because I was infatuated by other artworks that capture the sun and how it illuminates features so beautifully. After many walks throughout lockdown I became so inspired by the “golden hour” time of the day where the golden sun, beams through selected areas of my surroundings and accentuates the saturated colours and detail. These specific sun reflections were what inspired me to add this detail into my portrait. I feel that there is something so breath-taking about the natural glow that this earth creates for us in front of our eyes.

For me lockdown was an incredibly positive experience, I felt that I finally had all the hours in the day to really focus on myself and put all my energy into progressing in my passion after so long of neglecting it due to previous anxieties. Without lockdown, I would never have created this small business and would never have been able to create the work that I have. Every cloud has a silver lining and I feel that this was a pretty bright one. To look at the other artworks I have been creating in this unusual time please check out my website and other social medias!

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Light of Day
Digital Art
21 x 29.7cm