Beverley Davies

Having left school aged 16 I was desperate to go straight to Art college. I found the perfect course at  Wrexham art college and over a 3 year period there I specialised in 3D vocational art and stained glass. I then went on to do another 3 years at Stourbridge college undertaking a  BA in 3D Glass Design. After leaving college I went self employed as a glass artist specialising in sand engraved cameo pieces and sold my work through Craft Council galleries throughout the UK and then eventually select stores in the USA.

I met my husband Iestyn through our love of glass and we eventually combined our talents and our lives and opened our own glassblowing studio in Stourbridge specialising in contemporary giftware. We ran this for 15 years before we decided to move to Oswestry and diversify our work  into making contemporary Chandeliers and sculptures.

When Lockdown happened due to COVID 19, I decided to pluck up the courage to pick up my paintbrushes again. I was shielding at the time due to being on immunosuppressive drugs and felt very isolated. The theme of the exhibition “ reflections “ was a perfect opportunity for me to focus on something that not only was a literal interpretation of the title but a personal one too.

I took the theme both literally using water as the reflective medium but also personally as a way to express how i felt during Lockdown. The goldfish themselves are a “reflection ” of me and my feelings of isolation during my time shielding as well as being a “refection” of my artistic journey and now returning to what i love doing. I have continued to paint more goldfish as part of my personal series…  and they continue to tell a personal journey. 

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Watercolour, pen and ink
31 x 23cm

Social Bubble
Watercolour, pen and ink
30 x 30cm