Caroline Rogers

I am mainly a textile artist but also paint. I am a born and bred Oswestry girl who loves Shropshire. Lots of my work is inspired by nature but I also enjoy portraiture. The work was inspired by my twin boys who on a bad day, even I struggle to tell who’s who. They are really tuned into each other in that way only twins know and have the same sense of fun and same sense of humour. Although they are individuals they share so many traits and their laughter is often heard around the house. They really are a reflection of each other and as small children, to see if they liked their clothes, they would look at each other rather than use a mirror. I love their chemistry and really hope they will always share a joke. Here one is telling the joke but was struggling to tell it through the laughter. The piece is acrylic on canvas.

Twin Joke
80 x 60cm