Charlotte Durie

I grew up wanting to be a horse and when I wasn’t pretending to be one, I was drawing them. Aged 12 I moved to London and ere long knew that I wanted to be an artist.  Later I attended Jan Pienkowski’s life class, and not long after I began life-modelling. Eschewing the conceptualist-embracing art schools for a direct experience in the studios of many great artists, I gained an experience like no other. As a young adult I set up my family home in Montgomeryshire, and began to draw my growing family, in addition to horses and landscapes. In more recent years, as a “recherché du temps perdu”, my focus was in city thoroughfares, many of which I’d walked daily, delivering newspapers or walking to and from school.

Just as I have grown up in the country and the city, my work reflects the polemic – whether urban scenes for their mystery, or forests for their hidden meaning.

Neon Dusk

I was drawn to this December scene: the sky was clearing from a storm, revealing alluring colours above, contrasting with the seasonally bedecked shops below with their neon lights reflected in the rain-soaked pavements. Despite the riot of colour it felt as though I were the only one transfixed, as people passed by on foot and in cars, taxis and buses; hurrying home after a busy day.

Neon Dusk is painted using Sennelier oil pastels on toothed pastel card. The process was regularly photographed throughout and set to a score which can be seen on the following link:

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Neon Dusk
Oil Pastels
60 x 75cm