Claire Stack

I am based in Shropshire, In 2002 I graduated with a First Class degree in Fine Art Painting with Illustration from the University of Wolverhampton. I then worked teaching Art & Design at secondary level for 15 years, I now teach my own Art classes to adults across Shropshire and provide other artistic experiences under my business name of The Art Lady.

My artwork crosses the boundaries between figurative and abstract, I don’t prefer one over the other but rather enjoy the challenges each style presents to me as the creator.

In my abstract works I aim to take away the observers sense of ‘recognition’, without this, the viewer is free to explore the piece with an open mind rather than trying to dispel a story or meaning within the work. The eye can focus on the simple pleasures of texture for example, or simply how one colour reacts placed next to another. It is my hope that people will enjoy contrasting aspects of my abstract works for individual reasons, and that’s what I love about that method of creating.

For my figurative works I am inspired by the natural landscape, in particular scenes and places that I enjoy to be in. The sense of freedom and calm that I gain being away from the distractions of modern life is important to me and I try to encapsulate this within my landscapes. Atmospherics created by weather and the seasons can change the look and feel of a familiar place when, although the topography remains the same, I can get a totally unique experience each time I visit. I aspire to encapsulate this within my landscape work and the intent is to work with the recognisable ‘personality’ of each place and marry it up with the individuality of the day’s circumstance.

In this piece ‘Cloudwalk’ I had submitted for the obvious physical reflections in the image but also in the current climate I think we have all ‘reflected’ on things we have been unable to do because of the pandemic. A walk on the beach for example, a simple pleasure which has seemed so far away over the past 6 months.

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Cloud Walk
Photograph on Aluminium
60 x 40cm