Esther Forse

I am an art student beginning a degree in fine art and art history at Edinburgh University this year. 

My approach to the theme of Reflections focuses on the act of looking at ourselves, both literally and introspectively. The realistically drawn mirror implies the involvement of the viewer, as it contains the drawing where they would normally see themselves- this combined with the anonymous figure acts as an invitation to self reflection.

The use of a film reel pattern introduces the element of time, but doesn’t commit to whether it is passing quickly or slowly, so the duration of the reflection shown could be equally a few seconds or lifetime. The slightly different poses of the model create a sense of continuous motion as the eye moves over the picture. This combined with the circular frame of the mirror and lack of a clear beginning or end to the sequence, suggests an action happening continuously or on a loop.

Reflections: Life Reel
Pencil, ink, fineliner, marker pens
29 x 42cm