Frank Hilton

Hello!  My name is Frank Hilton. Since retiring from local government, I have put down my pen and taken up the brushes. I mainly exhibit with the Shropshire Art Society, Ludlow Art Society and at the Church Stretton Arts Festival and I was getting together a whole lot of paintings for this year’s Spring and Summer exhibition seasons when lockdown hit and all the exhibitions were cancelled.

I haven’t had the courage to enter the Qube Open before, but when I saw the theme for this year, I knew that I had to try.

So, a little happenstance occurred and with not much time for reflection on my part, I entered “Across the River”, which to my surprise and pleasure has been shortlisted for showing in the Open.

The painting itself could be the view across the Severn towards the English Bridge in Shrewsbury, with the afternoon winter’s sun setting and reflecting in the waters. Is there a river bank opposite, some trees in the foreground, maybe some buildings across the river? That was my inspiration, but now it is your turn to reflect and decide what the colours and marks suggest to you. The water will have flowed under the bridge next time you look at it.

“In Cound Woods” is also in the online Open exhibition and offers a more traditional and less abstract representation of trees and light reflecting in water. The painting is based on a morning’s sketching with Shropshire Art Society in Cound Woods, near Cressage and then worked up at home in gouache. When I was sketching, my folding camping stool decided to sink in to the ground and I fell backwards. Luckily, it didn’t sink forwards and propel me into the stream to break the tranquility of the moment and disturb the reflections!

Across the River
Mixed Media
43 x 43cm

In Cound Woods
53 x 73cm