Gill Somerville

My first introduction to picking up a paintbrush was as a young child enjoying ‘painting by numbers’. My next rekindling was when my two daughters Claire and Loren both had a passion for art completing their art degrees. I loved experiencing their progress and the artworks they produced. It was not until very recently that my youngest daughter who had started her own art classes encouraged me to come along and have a go. I went to my first class and was hooked. I was a complete beginner hardly remembering my primary colours! I have only tried Oils and trying to achieve the colours I wanted didnt come without its frustrations. I am eager to learn. To complete a picture is beyond satisfying knowing I got to the end.

This painting is my second painting, a beautiful beach situated on the Dornoch firth in the county of Sutherland in the highlands of Scotland. It is a day with fond memories, my three children playing on the waters edge.

I have now completed four paintings and I hope the more practice I have, will reflect in my paintings. This is definitely a new passion for me and I am grateful I was encouraged to take the first step.

Dornoch Firth and my three children