Grace Currie

BA Hons Fine Art First Class Chester School of Art 2020

My work invites you into my world and the struggle to resist both an imposed single identity (‘disabled’) or the disorientating sense of fractured self my situation of 24/7 care engenders.

In Merged I have tried to express this sense of tension, of continuous movement through mark-making, a see-sawing between separation and coming together. It is unclear if we are seeing one heart or two, fracture or consolidation.

We definitely see two hearts with a disintegration between them.

This painting is part of a series of abstract pieces, direct, unembellished, developing a visual language strangely and satisfyingly subtle, and sometimes, as in this one, referencing text or emojis. Both Julie Mehretu’s and Cy Twombley’s works have inspired these.

My 2020 Degree Show work, the Identity Series 2019 – 2020, reflected this search for self, identity as splintered and evolving, in a series of larger than life wild figures, also moving towards an idiosyncratic visual language or symbolic system.  I hope the work carries power for anyone feeling reduced or ignored and provokes a sense that ‘someone like me made this’. 

128 x 104cm