Hannah Musial

My name is Hannah Musial. I’m a Polish artist based in the UK. I’ve been drawing all my life which has led me to the hope of turning my love for art into a career. Inspired by people, the subjects I explore in my work are portraits and figures. With my art, I aim to capture beauty and intimacy and in doing so, preserve the moments where a photograph or a memory is not enough. 

I approached the theme ‘Reflection’ with my first ever oil painting. I find it intriguing that we never truly see ourselves apart from a reflection or a photograph. My painting, ‘Mirror Mirror’, is a self portrait capturing my mirrored face. Painting this, I was reflecting on a thought – we get so used to looking at things one way, that they seem distorted from a different point of view.

See the process behind my work, message for enquires, or come and say hello on Instagram: @hannahmusial

Mirror Mirror
40 x 30cm