Helen Evans

Shropshire-raised artist, musician and teacher

Helen has used scenes of magical transformation, found in story and song, as inspiration and vehicle of expression. Work on ‘Children of Lir’ began in 2009, becoming the first of ten paintings in Helen’s current collection, ‘Transformation in Folk Tale and Song – an illustrated musing’. Like its sister-pieces, it has been reworked a few times along the way and its image and story have been made available to buy as a print and art card.

‘The Children of Lir’

Based on a traditional Folk Tale

In this tale, King Lir’s children are turned into swans by their jealous stepmother. This scene depicts the children, reflected in the water, consoling each other and lamenting their fate. Although the children do finally get changed back into human form, they are, by that time, old and at death’s door, giving this tale a tragic quality.

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Children of Lir
76 x 51cm