Jancis Vaughan

I am a painter and printmaker based at Raven Studios, in the Riverside Centre, Shrewsbury.

After a degree in languages at UEA in Norwich, and some years abroad teaching TEFL, I returned to study at De Montfort University for my Art Foundation and a Certificate of HE in Fine Art. I fitted my art in around family and charity work for the next 12 years, and then started to develop my art career with the establishment of an after school art club at my children’s primary school – I am still enjoying doing this 8 years later at 3 different Shropshire primary schools.

Now I am also a founding director of Raven Studios, a Trustee of the Visual Art Network for Shropshire (for whom I have been curating exhibitions in partnership with the University Centre Shrewsbury) and a member of the Regional Print Centre in Wrexham. At Raven Studios I am currently running a weekly Zoom Social Studios session to connect and encourage isolated artists.

My artwork is based on drawing, printmaking and painting in oils, which I love. My subject matter ranges from incidental still life, to photos taken out walking, to an inner emotional landscape.

Falling Poppies, 2019 is a combination of still life and reflections on society. I was interested not only in the dramatic shape and colour of the poppies, but also in how a given situation can appear to be one thing on the surface but another in reality. We are always looking in mirrors. For me the disparity is evident in a number of ways: how a relationship can be failing without you knowing; how social media is used – people present perfected versions of themselves on the (small, glass) screen compared to the personal reality we all know on a daily basis (the mobile phone is like the magic mirror in Snow White); the glorification of war; how we function as if unaware of the reality of climate change, with the poppies representing the natural world.

The painting references The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, as the reflected poppies are still fresh and new while the real poppies fall. 

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Instagram: @jancisvaughanart; @jancisvaughanphoto

Falling Poppies
64 x 74cm