Jessica Lloyd-Jones

Jessica Lloyd-Jones is a visual artist based in Llangollen, North Wales (b.1983), exploring concepts of energy, matter and natural phenomena through the experimental use of materials and light.

Her recent hand formed metal sculptures exploit the reactive nature of copper to create distinct surface patinas from heat, combined with hyper-iridescent optical coatings. The works appear to change colour from different angles of view, reflecting aspects of the environment within them.

While learning about metal, Jessica investigated the process of annealing; pre-heating and softening the metal, before forming by hand it until it hardens due to repetitive bending and folding. Creating each piece from a single flat copper sheet, she has a limited amount of time to form the material before it becomes rigid and set.

‘The works are a one chance process – I create the forms in a single attempt, bending the metal until it can no longer be manipulated. I enjoy the spontaneity that this process brings to the work and the unpredictability of what shape the copper will want to take due to subtle variations in the metal’s softness after heating’.

The resulting works display intriguing crumpled and curled shapes, their undulating curls and folds showing off intense iridescent colours that appear to melt on the surface. Some pieces work to capture light and reflect it internally, enhancing their luminosity and optical delight.

Jessica’s work has been showcased in international exhibitions  including; World Crafts Council Second European Triennial of Ceramic and Glass (Belgium), SOFA New York, Fraser Gallery (Maryland), Museo di Palazzo Poggi (Bologna), Musee de la Main, (Lausanne) and Casoria Contemporary Art Museum (Naples).

Her work has also been included in UK exhibitions with Grizedale Forest, NOVA Biennial Welsh Art Prize, Mostyn Open 20, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, UK Young Artists, British Glass  Biennale, National Eisteddfod of Wales, Blinc Digital Arts, Summerhall Edinburgh and the Royal West Academy of England.

Awards have included a Royal Society of Sculptors Bursary, Glass Art Society Emerging Artist Lecture Award, Kentucky and Arts Council of Wales Creative Wales Award. She has undertaken international residencies at UrbanGlass New York, Ruthin Craft Centre, PDR National Centre for Product Design and Research and Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Ireland.

Jessica also collaborates with architects and design teams to create large scale public art works. She has produced permanent commissions for organisations including Adelaide Festival Australia, Canary Wharf London, The Royal Astronomical Society, Plas Heli Welsh National Sailing Academy, Conwy Castle, Pontio Arts and Innovation Centre and Göteborg  Energi, Sweden.

Blue Flute 2019
Hand formed patinated copper with iridescent coating
86 x 30 x 13cm