Jill Owen

I studied at Leicester Polytechnic in the early 80’s and have a B.A. hons degree in Fabric & Textiles, specialising in Print. 

I have always loved pattern and colour and have been creating collages in varying styles for over 30 years.  The process begins by gathering together pieces of paper from my supply of magazines, or painting paper in colours suitable for the image.

My exhibition piece is from a photo I took while on holiday in Venice.  It wasn’t our first visit; we hadn’t been back for over 10 years, but we immediately fell in love with it again. 

During March, when Italy in particular was suffering from Covid 19, I started looking at photos we had taken of our holiday there last year.  The photo of the Ponte del Formager bridge appeared on the screen.  It is close by the Peggy Guggenheim Art Gallery which we had just visited on a lovely sunny afternoon.  We crossed over the little bridge and it was then that I saw the amazing dancing patterns reflected beneath it and that is what I have tried to capture.

Ponte del Formager, Venice
Paper Collage
30 x 26cm