Jo Munton

I’m Jo Munton and I’m a puppeteer, performer and parade creator from mid wales.  A long time ago I studied sculpture at Bath Art College ( well I started studying painting but got chucked out into the deep dark sculpture basement for being too three dimensional)  I dipped my toe into the world of gallery art and ran away kicking and screaming.  The young me craved engagement, direct engagement.  This was truly given to me in the world of puppet,  drama, pantomime and carnival.  I’ve toured with various companies from Siberia to croatia, from Denmark to India and set up my own company, Vagabondi in 2000.  I specialise in storytelling parade and collective creative exploration.  My interests are stories of stars, sea, water, woman’s heritage.  I am also narcoleptic ( strange brain disorder – think river phoenix in my private Idaho)  and so am fascinated in sleep and  dream and it’s role if life and art. 

I’ve found since lockdown I want to create a different kind of story.  Like this picture.  A glimpse.  Equally narrative as my shows.

Find out more about Jo on her Instagram here: @jojovagabondi

The tears that mirror the deluge to come
Mixed Media
64 x 42 x 18cm