Leila Hodgson

When I thought about the theme of ‘Reflections’ I thought of the time we have spent together as a family during lockdown 2020.The Coronavirus outbreak has been a strange & unknown time for everyone.As a Mother of two young school age children it has been a time where we have been totally separated from our usual routines.Going to school, social activities & all the things that we usually found ourselves doing no longer happend & so we started to spend time together in new ways.

One of the ways we did this was influenced by a book I had started reading at the beginning of lockdown called Mudlarking by Lara Maiklem.It is about a lady who goes looking along the banks of The River Thames in London for pieces of history such as broken pottery, jewellery,pins & coins.The book was very interesting & the items Lara found were an insight into London & the people who lived there hundreds of years ago.With this in mind I took my children to our local river (our one daily allowed walk at the time) & we looked for ‘treasure’ on the riverbank.We were all very surprised by the items we found such as pottery,glass,bone & our prize find a metal spoon! My children especially loved this time together & still look for ‘treasure’ on every walk we go on (we found a clay pipe stem in a field a couple of days ago!) 

For me this worked really well with the theme of ‘reflections’ as while we were looking for things on the riverbank our minds were elsewhere & not focused on the current situation we all faced.A time spent by the river ‘reflecting’ & now we have a piece that has been made with all our found items on show.Our time represented by items that themselves have had previous lives & owners such as the broken pottery & old spoon.

The wooden backing piece is also a found object.My son found it on another one of our favourite lockdown walks & another place of reflection our local wood.

Together the pieces tell the story of that special time we spent together.

I have really enjoyed making this piece.

Myself & my two children all enjoy art & craft activities.We have found especially during lockdown that it has really helped to keep our hands & our minds busy.I am starting my Applied Art degree course in September and I am aiming to work towards a career either as an art teacher or art therapist.

Reflections Found
Mixed Media
14 x 45cm