Lesley Gardiner-Jones

Lesley Gardiner-Jones is a local artist, living just over the Welsh border in the beautiful village of Bwlchgwyn.

She began her teaching career in 1968 and realised through her work with children with special needs that art could not only facilitate their learning but could also enhance their confidence and have a positive effect on other areas of their life.

Since her retirement from teaching in 2005 Lesley has developed her creative painting, mainly with water colour, drawing inspiration from the local flora and fauna with a particular interest in small mammals.

She has been a member of the Qube Art Centre for a number of years and is also involved with the local ODSA (Oswestry and District Society for Artists), as a committee member and also submitting her artwork at their twice yearly exhibitions with acknowledged success. Lesley has recently shown her artwork at the TWIG  (The Wrexham Independent Gallery) and is currently involved with discussions  for the refurbishment and continuation of this art centre, re-opening September 2020.

The current work “Cityscape in Lockdown” is a digression from her usual style and was inspired by the sense of desolation experienced at the beginning of lockdown, earlier in the year. Using water colour and a credit card,she has tried to create the atmosphere of emptiness and loneliness within a typical city at that time; a concrete and glass jungle where nothing is moving, and the eyes of the buildings, the windows,project a ghostly sense of hopelessness which is reflected onto the empty streets and back to the unseen occupants within. With the emphasis on empty spaces and hard sharp edges this work has endeavoured to capture those feelings of anxiety, inevitability and the sinister advance of an unseen enemy.

The second painting  “Early Morning Reflections at the Waterhole”  was inspired by a former ‘safari’ experience in South Africa. This is a watercolour and more of a fantasy abstract image, attempting to depict an air of calm tranquility in the early morning mists of the Kruger Game Park. The animals have yet to arrive for their first beautiful, cool drink of the day, thereby disturbing the still quiet reflective waters of the lake, before the blazing sun makes things too uncomfortable for them and they retire to the shadows of the bush to snooze the day away.

Cityscape in Lockdown
29 x 42cm

Early morning reflections at the waterhole
29 x 42cm