Lucy Price

Lucy Price was born and lives near Wrexham, North Wales.  Although she has always been interested in art, it is only relatively recently she has started painting again on a regular basis.  Inspired by her maternal grandmother (who came to art late in life and was a talented watercolourist), Lucy is now never happier than when she has a pencil or paintbrush in her hand!

Lucy has exhibited her work as part of many exhibitions over the last 7 years, including four ‘Wrexham Opens’, ‘St James’ Art Group 2013 Exhibition’, ‘Disability Arts Cymru 2018 Open’ and was voted runner-up in The People’s Choice Award in the ‘Qube Open 2015′ which led to a month-long exhibition with the other prize-winners entitled ‘The People Chose…’ which included 16 of her paintings.

Lucy also had a long and fruitful relationship with UnDegUn Art Space in Wrexham where she volunteered to design and craft a mixed-media gallery sign to cheer up and add colour to their gallery stairway.  Her design incorporated different aspects of local history, culture and industry and received great comments from gallery visitors.  This led to Lucy being asked to take part in the ‘Parallel Lands‘ exhibition in UnDegUn in 2017, which included 23 of her paintings and actually generated her first sales and a radio interview on Calon FM as Artist of the Week.  She was soon included in many UnDegUn studio holder exhibitions.  But, one of her proudest moments was organising and being part of a family exhibition (‘Generation XX’) which included her artwork along with that of her two aunties and the grandmother that had so inspired her.    She even received a good luck card from the celebrity artist/potter, Grayson Perry after he had heard she had drawn a portrait of him for that exhibition.

Lucy particularly enjoys painting portraits and her response to the theme ‘Reflections’, ‘Reflections on the Fragility of Life’ sees her paint self-portraits from babyhood to present (aged 44) and continue to future old age and death to reflect how fragile and ever-changing a life can be, especially in the current times of COVID-19. The wooden bed-slats representing both growth and that final sleep.

‘Pause for Reflection’ is a 3D mobile representing our need to take a moment to hope/dream in this current situation and reflect on “nicer” things such as birdsong, rainbows, walking barefoot on the beach, creating art, hope blooming from tears, and our celebrations/wishes literally reflected back like mirrors for all to see.

In ‘Head Lights’, Lucy was fascinated by how the neon colours of a skull ornament reflected under the light whilst she was painting.

If you are interested in viewing Lucy’s previous artwork or would like to ask about a commission, please make contact via her Facebook page at to express an interest.  She also has an artist gallery page on the ‘Outside In’ website.

Head Lights
19 x 19cm

Reflections on the Fragility of Life
Acrylic on wooden bed-slats
53 x 43cm

Pause for Reflection
3D Mobile, acrylic on card, mirror
35 x 63cm