Mary Cunnah

I am interested in history and how things change with time. Recently I have been painting a body of work based on derelict old buildings. Homes where people lived and families were brought up, but with the passage of time abandoned, for various reasons.

‘Reflections on Times Past’ is one of these derelict buildings, but with the water on the ground the reflections are visual, as well as memories of the homestead and the family who lived there. On my website there is a selection of my art work including derelict local houses, landscapes and sketches of the area around Llansilin, where I live.

‘Hafodty Elderflowers’ is an oil painting of a derelict old farmhouse in a beautiful spot overlooking the Cynllaith valley.The farmhouse was built around 1815 and lived in by Hughes Family as part of the Plas Newydd estate. However it has purchased in 1920 by Denbighshire County Council along with Plas Newydd, a grand old house which they promptly demolished. Hafodty itself gradually fell into disrepair and was abandoned. However it has recently been sold to a builder for regeneration. Hope springs eternal.As part of my project to record abandoned buildings around Llansilin, Hafodty was a delight to paint with the sky reflected in the old windows and the beautiful elder flowers growing wild in the overgrown front garden.

‘When Earth Reflects The Sky’ is an oil painting of the dingle where we walk, not far from our home near Llansilin. It is quite a peaceful area where nature is allowed freedom to develop unconstrained and the stream trickles between the rocks and banks.The blue sky is gloriously reflected in the new snow of a sunny winter day.

I love painting the beautiful landscapes in the area where I live, and take a sketchbook with me on my walks. My ‘local views’ can been seen in the sketchbook section of my website

Reflecting on Times Past
30 x 23cm

Hafodty Elderflowers
45 x 32cm

When Earth Reflects the Sky
60 x 85cm