Michele Coxon

My artwork is based on Patchwork appliqué blankets made by ordinary folk who sewed their family memories onto blankets. Using materials from old clothes and rags they would often record births, marriages and deaths.

My blanket reflects on this incredible period that we are going through with the Coronavirus pandemic. It is an archive of words, warnings and instructions that have bombarded us for the last 6 months of shutdown. The creative art of making has always been a wonderful comfort to me.

I want my blanket to be passed down to my grandchildren and their children’s children. Of course they can look it up online as they do now with history but this blanket will give them a tactile connection that strengthens the bonds and memories between generations.

Next month I will finally get to see my granddaughters after 6 months! 

During lockdown, as all the fabric and charity shops were closed I had to resort to cutting up clothes (that I vaguely hoped one day would fit me again!) and I raided the airing cupboard for anything I could find. Sheets, pillowcases and even the cat’s bedding!

It helped being a hoarder.

I am an artist living and working in Oswestry and use any material that I find exciting. Clay, painting, mosaic papier-mâché, collage, felt, fabric and I especially love old wood, rusty metal, bones, stone and bronze casting. My large sculpture The Naked Christ, which uses found materials can be seen at St. Asaph Cathedral.

I really am a mixed medium artist!

My Stay at Home Comfort Blanket
3ft x 6ft