Michelle Kelsall

‘Carve out time for reflection’

My sister and I went to Snowdonia last November on a girls trip. It was the 10th anniversary since we’d lost our mum and each year my sister had gone to Snowdonia to spend some time by herself and thinking of mum.  This time she asked me to join her as she wanted to share this special place with me.

Overnight there had been a sprinkling of snow and the following morning all the mountains were covered in what looked like a dusting of icing sugar.  The skies were clear blue and the sun was shining as we set off up Snowdon on the Miners Track. Half way up is Llyn Glas and this was our destination.  It was the most wonderful walk in brilliant sunshine. The scenery was incredible.  When we got to the lake it was so calm, Snowdon creating the most wonderful mirror reflection in the water.  As we weren’t going any further we soaked up the peace and beauty of this amazing place. I see why it is so special to my sister and these pictures (amongst many others of the our weekend) were the result.


Each day for 4 years I drove my two teenage children to Whittington to get the college bus to Wem where they were studying.  I had a brief ten minutes before I needed to be in work and as I always have my camera with me opted for a walk around the castle. The weather wasn’t particularly great but there was a short (2 or 3 minutes) of sunshine and that’s when I took this picture.  It’s not often the castle pond is completely calm and I’d never noticed this view before through the tree despite being there countless times.  They say you should revisit your favourite photography views regularly because every time you go you see something different.

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Carve out time for Reflection
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