Peter Dykeaylen

The piece is my reflection upon a conversation that occurred in a walk in lock down, during our permitted exercise time! My young daughter and I were talking as we walked across a field; she was becoming increasingly frustrated that some people were not social distancing. We talked about how lock down, owing to Covid, was like a puppeteer, controlling everything we do and pulling all the strings (including our heart strings). The piece recreates some of the topics and language used on the walk (such as not knowing what day it it ‘Blursday’, through to her asking why do people ‘clap last night and then meet up the next morning’? and where WFH (Working From Home) has become the norm). I could sense her turmoil and this is reflected (in a nod to “Study after Velázquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X”) by the Francis Bacon inspired portraits of her trying to break free and away from the controlling strings and words  – smashing the lock down in an almost dreamlike sequence in an attempt to escape back to normality…. however, what now will be normality?

The piece is producing digitally using photography and digital brushes and effects. Typed and ripped up pieces of paper, joined together by pins and string, as we pieced together our thoughts and my recollections of the walk – mirrored the feeling of a puppeteer controlling each aspect of our actions. Lightening and thunderclouds were painted in to the skyline to add to the turmoil and the stormy feeling of the emotions being recounted in the piece. The original piece is displayed on mirror, so that the viewer captures aspects of themselves within the piece – inviting further connection from the viewer to the art work. The viewer also becoming caught up within the piece as we all have been caught up during lock down – allowing them an opportunity for their own reflection on the events that have affected us all.

I am a teacher, and a Graphic Designer, and digital artist.

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Reflecting on a Lockdown Walk
Digital art, photograph
42 x 59cm