Sarah Fountain

I read somewhere recently that most of us will go through some sort of personal transformation this year. Like Thanos, it is inevitable when we are making dramatic changes to the ways in which we live our lives. Even the small changes are still changes and we must adapt to them.

Since finishing my BA (hons) Illustration degree in 2006, I have drawn for pleasure less and less. There has simply never been enough time. Work, children, house renovations, anything really. The lockdown enabled the introverted side of my character to find the time to do more drawing, as there was no pressure to be doing anything else, or indeed, be anywhere else.

When on homeschooling duty with my children, I taught them the basics of colour theory, and we looked at objects and then drew them. I showed them how to tear up bits of paper to make collages, and gave them huge sheets of paper to experiment with. They are five and three. For them, it was fun to use Mummy’s special paper and see what happens to coloured tissue paper when you stick it on top of other tissue paper colours. For me, it was a chance to experiment with my own tools. Get out my pencils and take inspiration from the world around me once more.

The title of this exhibition, ‘Reflections’, offered so much potential for me. I felt there was so much to reflect on. We have all been through our own personal journeys on the corona-coaster and inevitably, some of it has been pretty tough. The biggest thing I wanted to reflect upon is the relationship between my children, Sidney and Harriet. They were already quite good buddies, but over the last five months, I have watched them care for each other, and comfort each other. They have comforted me, and they have shown compassion to others who are not so fortunate as themselves.

We found lovely walks to take from our doorstep which totally grounded us when we all needed to get out of the house, and that was the inspiration for this piece, Outside Togetherness. It began as a drawing from a photo, sketched during a drawing activity homeschooling session. I was really pleased with the drawing and decided to have some fun and see how far I could take it in Adobe Illustrator. Colour is very important to me, and I really wanted to convey how lush and enveloping the trees and hedges were as we walked on that path, with dappled sunlight wafting through. A feeling of being totally safe and exactly where we needed to be in that moment.

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Outside Togetherness
Digital Illustration
42 x 60cm