Stephen Terry

Following years of study at Norwich School of Art and Birmingham University I was advised by a government representative to use my capabilities in a commercial/industrial environment.

Subsequently, decades were spent playing a part in bringing about the current state of British industry. Meanwhile artistic activity followed a downward curve.

Upon retiring a gradual return to creating things began.

“Reflection of bridge” began from a photograph taken on a calm day at Glansevern Hall Lake.

It is a paper collage using images of paintings on calendars collected in previous years while in industry. (See above, time not wasted.)

These were cut up and reassembled a la Doctor Frankenstein i.e. small sections realigned, shifted, layered, overlain and generally tweaked.

An area of the image from left tree through bridge to bank and tree trunk on the right is a solid block counterbalanced by the trees, sky, water and reflections which are volatile and fugitive.

Bridge Reflection
Paper collage
31 x 42cm