Steve Sutton

I am an artist working with natural materials. I present my ideas in sculptures, drawings and photographs.

Some years ago I produced a series of sculptures and drawings based on a rainbow theme which culminated in the construction of a three-dimensional painted rainbow, large enough to drive a car under its arc. My interest in the rainbow phenomena was re-invigorated by the extensive use of the rainbow image as a symbol of hope during the current Covid 19 crisis. This led me to reflect on my previous work and consequently respond with several new pieces using the rainbow theme. “Rainbow Reflections”, the sculpture displayed here in the Qube Arts Open Exhibition is one of these pieces and juxtaposes two separate painted forms displayed on a mirror surface to enhance the vibrancy of reflected shapes and colours with the illusion of abstraction.

Much of my recent work engages with site specific locations involving installations, assemblages or constructions using natural materials, usually wood and stone. I am particularly concerned to use natural materials which draw attention to our relationship with nature and the outdoor environment. I am very committed to making works which encourage people to appreciate the beauty, history and the vital importance of the natural environment. I create pieces that demonstrate my respect for the splendour of nature and reverence for the wonders of this planet such as the reflected rainbow. My work is produced in an eco-friendly way which in contemporary times demonstrates a responsibility and awareness for the environment and sustainability.

Many of my sculptures express my ongoing fascination with geometry, tension and balance. The rainbow, as a visual phenomenon contains a most perfect example of a geometric form and paradoxically is also an ephemeral image.

My recent work can be seen on Instagram @sculpturejourney

Rainbow Reflections
Painted wood, mirror glass
55 x 20cm