Tara Dean

Spring into Summer 2020 has flown. Earlier in the Spring we had some really sunny times. With my usual projects and workshops postponed or cancelled it meant much less traveling and preparation. Time to look and consider the way I work and how I might adapt my practice in terms of an alternative delivery. I knew this would involve working with the computer so much more and most likely being inside most of the time…

I managed to get outside and take advantage of the spring sunshine producing some recycled paper, this dries so much faster on bright days! With the idea to create pieces of paper for screen printing on that are made from the paper stencils I use in my work.

‘ Below and Above ‘ combines screen printing using paper stencils and drawing. The theme of the image blossomed from another project I had been exploring. Thanks goes to the Regional Print Centre in Wrexham and the emails Nigel sent each week. One of these emails included a link to the Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop and a film ‘ Self Portrait Selfies’. Where a mirror was used to make a monotype drawn print with water based felt tip pens. Amazing ! I had been working on another project and was looking at the idea of using a mirror…..the mirror was on the table and the rose was part of a collection of pieces to be used.

The QUBE theme of ‘Reflection’ combined this gathering of pieces at that time. The mirror reflects back an idea, another angle, looking from above and perhaps seeing another way forward. Which is what I think we might all of been trying to understand in the last few months.


I create delicate layered images inspired by the landscape I might find herself in. This inspires my practice which revolves around Illustration which was established at Wrexham College of Art and I continued to explore Illustration and Printmaking at Harrow College of Art where I completed my degree and found my self with a unique portfolio to work with as a freelance artist.

Returning to Denbighshire in 1998 I found myself exploring ceramics along with a team of artists at Craig Bragdy Design Ltd in Denbigh
www.cbdmurals.co.uk . This was an opportunity to work in a very unusual and inspiring environment while continuing to develop my own projects.

Very much Influenced by the environment, drawing is the most important part of the work I produce. Experimenting with the screen printing process allows for initial lines and marks to transform, creating a collage of elements. Producing pieces of work where images develop from many layers of paper and photo stencils.This explorative way of finding and redefining inspires my interest in delivering creative community workshops where experimentation with drawing and printmaking is encouraged.

Further information about recent projects can be found here:
Instagram: @tadean7
Twitter: @tarhdean
Online: www.taradean.co.uk

Above and Below
Mixed media
17 x 17cm