Tim Pugh

I  am an Environmental artist based in Flintshire and Cumbria and I make use of a wide range of mixed media to create site specific and issue based installation, sculpture and drawings. 

I attended Wrexham and Edinburgh Colleges of Art and since then I have been a self employed professional artist exhibiting my work across the UK and abroad in a wide range of galleries and venues. 

I have participated in many residencies, art projects and exchange programmes both at home and internationally and more recently this year,took part in a land art festival in Llano, Texas, USA. 

I have conducted and instigated many Environmental Art/mixed media educational workshops working with school and community groups of all ages and abilities. 

In addition, I have been successful in gaining travel and research/development grants as well as winning prizes,commendations and awards for various open exhibitions and competitions. 

My submitted work for the exhibition is a mixed media A2 sized mirror decorated with newspaper headlines, documenting aspects related to the Covid-19 virus .Due to the lockdown, I made use of existing resources and newspapers documenting current events as they unfolded.

Within the text is an outline shape of the actual physical structure of the virus. The artwork invites the viewer to look into the mirror. Whilst looking at their own reflection, this also encourages and allows the onlooker to reflect on their own retrospective personal lockdown experience.

Find out more about Tim here:

Online: www.timpugh.co.uk
Twitter: @timpughartist 
Instagram: @timothypughartist

Viral Headlines
Newspaper on mirror
60 x 40cm