Scribbles and Shapes

Scribbles and Shapes

Louise Emily has created two different games for you to play at home as part of the Good Things to do at Home project. These activities are Scribble Game and Shape and Colour.


For Scribble Game, you’ll need 2 different coloured pencils/pens and some card. This activity can be done as a pair or on your own. The game goes as follows: one person makes a scribble on the piece of card with one pen, and then the other person has to turn the scribble into something!


For Shape and Colour, you’ll need acrylic paint, water, spray bottles, paper and different shapes. The activity involves you creating an artwork out of these supplies.


Download the worksheet here or click on the images below.

We want to see your work! Send us a picture of your work to or the ‘Good things…’ Facebook page and we’ll create an online exhibition showcasing all your wonderful work.