Bridget’s story


Hello. My name is Bridget. I am the Three Parishes Big Local Co-ordinator.  What’s that I hear you say? You can read more about our work at  It’s well worth looking at the range of things we do in Weston Rhyn, St Martins and Gobowen.

I have worked for Qube for 6yrs & 3weeks. Not that I’m counting! I work closely with Paula and Cath who you will read about later in our series. I love knowing what’s going on where I live so, prior to working for Qube, I was a full-time mum and a community busybody / activist, depending on your point of view.  Before having my children, I was a call centre manager for a customer services outsourcing organisation.

My typical day at Qube involves me attending committee meetings, looking at grant applicants from local groups, keeping track of funding, working with small local businesses and community groups, thinking of tactful ways to communicate decisions / comments, drinking tea, enjoying the company of my colleagues and supporting them, oh…. and drinking tea!  I love the difference that a relatively small amount of effort or money can make to a local person or a local business.

I’ve made working from home fun by taking part in bunny buddies, sharing the crafty things that I’ve made with colleagues, and taking part in our on-line banter.  My teenage daughter thinks that I’m ‘sad’ as I’m doing my own ‘earrings vs lockdown’ challenge: do I have more pairs of earrings than there are days of lockdown?  If it lasts longer than another 3 weeks, I’ll be down to the ones I have kept from the 80s and 90s!  I’m quite enjoying the quieter family life that the lockdown has brought us – our home is not usually this calm in the evenings.

Not being at Qube HQ I miss the understanding of all things Big Local that I share with Paula and Cath and having other people bring me a cup of tea without having to shout for one!  Fish and Chip Friday – even when it’s on a Tuesday. There is a benefit though: I think that remote working has brought everyone together as even more of a team.

The first thing I’m going to do when things get back to ‘normal’ is go and see my mum and dad for a cuppa (of tea, of course) at the other end of the village.

My favourite biscuit of all times is a Marks and Spencer All Butter Sultana Cookie (NOT the low-fat variety).

Music? It isn’t often I choose the music so this is based on the songs that I have (had) to listen to most during lockdown! My top three songs are

  1. All Billie Eilish’s songs
  2. It’s a Kind of Magic – Queen (just the bass part as my son is learning bass guitar)
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen (as above – but this one is usually accompanied by me trying to sing all the parts.)


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