Graham’s story


Hello!  My name is Graham. I am Qube’s primary school bus driver, a role I have enjoyed for four and a half years.  Before working for Qube I was retired and fostered rescued greyhounds.

A typical day at Qube involves me collecting children in the morning, taking them to school and then picking them up again in the afternoon to get them home safely. I really enjoy talking to the children and listening to all their stories.  I’ve been fortunate to have such a lovely bunch throughout my time with Qube.  The only downside is when they move to secondary school but at least some still come to the bus stop to collect siblings so I get to see and chat to them again which is brilliant.

I work closely with Michelle and Tim in transport who support me in my role.  It’s always nice when I pop into Qube for a chat and catch up with them.

I’ve made being at home fun over the past 12 weeks by going for runs, working in the garden and walking our dogs.  Completing the 2.6 challenge was great fun; seeing all the other staff’s efforts spurred me on in mine!

The things I miss most about not working at Qube at the moment are seeing the children and hearing what’s going on with them, chatting to my fellow bus driver, sharing our news and having the daily chat with Tim or Michelle.  Even though we only chat for a minute or two it’s always fun and I do miss the contact with them.

The first thing I’m going to do when things get back to ‘normal’ is sign up to do a half marathon, closely followed by catching up with Qube staff and a day at the sea.

Oh, and my favourite biscuit of all times is…Am I the only person at Qube that doesn’t eat biscuits????

My top three lock-down songs are

  1. Bomber – Motorhead
  2. Trance – Scorpions
  3. Thunderstruck – AC/DC
  4. And, because I haven’t chosen a biscuit I’m adding a song – Danger Zone – Rainbow


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