Janet’s story


Hello. My name is Janet and I have been a trustee with Qube for 8+ years. I chose to be a trustee for Qube because I was at a turning point with my own business and felt I would have a bit of time to spare (this turned out to be wishful thinking!). I had been involved some years earlier with the initial set-up of Dial-a Ride, which has gone from strength to strength, and had experience of working in community education. I felt I had business experience to offer and, most important, I wanted to give something back to the community.

I work closely with Laurel our Chief Officer and our other Qube trustees.

The things I love most about my role are trying (because what Qube does is so diverse!) to explain to people what Qube is and observing the organisation moving from strength to strength, even though this isn’t always reflected in the finances! Not everyone understands that we are a charity and that we must work hard to find the resources to support our work.

I’ve really enjoyed seeing employees developing in strength and focus. Recently it’s also been good to use my Qube experience when volunteering as a trustee for three organisations in the area where I now live. I can’t underestimate what being a trustee has given me in terms of broadening my experience in financial management, HR issues, IT issues and so on.

I’ve made working from home fun by not fighting the urge to go outside and enjoy the sun and the garden. I had many years of working from home before I retired 3 years ago and enjoyed the garden and even, dare I say it, wiping down kitchen surfaces and that kind of mundane task. These things are good thinking time and invaluable for coming to a resolution of a tricky problem.

The things I miss most about meeting at Qube (as normal) are the camaraderie, looking at the exhibitions, checking out how everyone is.

The first thing I’m going to do when things get back to ‘normal’ is to go and give my family lots of hugs, and receive some in turn. I do miss that. As for Qube, it will be good to catch up with colleagues in person.

My favourite biscuit of all times is home-made almond crispies. Yum.

My top three lock-down songs are

  1. I Want to Break Free – Queen
  2. We Can Work It Out – The Beatles
  3. I’m So Glad – Cream


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