Len’s story


Hello. My name is Len. I’ve been a trustee with Qube for10 years so have seen how the organisation’s services have evolved in response to needs within the community. I keep a watchful eye on Qube’s finances.

I chose to be a trustee because I have known the organisation more or less since it began and I like the unique range of services Qube delivers. Being a local organisation Qube knows the issues within the community and has proved it can respond rapidly to new situations. Qube is flexible and can combine activities, such as the arts and social groups, for everyone, including the more vulnerable.

Qube is an exciting organisation to work with. I enjoy its stimulating art exhibitions and events and its ability to provide for those who would otherwise not have any support.

I work most closely with Laurel, Jim, and Charlotte, and I admire all the staff for their expertise and dedication.

The things I love most about my role include: looking for ways to financially support Qube’s services in difficult times, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic; the development of new services and supporting Qube’s work with other organisations and groups in the area. This is to ensure that we can have the maximum impact, especially in our rural areas.

Working outside in the sunshine, when I can, has certainly made having to be at home more fun.  Preparing good cups of expresso coffee, using my little Turkish coffee pot, has made a difference too!

Not being able to go into Qube HQ means I am missing the buzz, the craic, and the creativity!  This means that the first things I’m going to do when things get back to ‘normal’ are to walk through the doors, greet everyone and see how they are, and then visit our latest exhibition.

My favourite biscuit of all times is…Garibaldi: he was a great Italian leader who unified Italy.  Abraham Lincoln,  Charles Dickens and Che Guevara all spoke well of him and  historian A. J. P. Taylor called him “the only wholly admirable figure in modern history”.  But most of all it’s because I like the currants!

My top three lock-down songs are all performed by Duo Asi Son who we just happened to hear one Sunday morning in a cafe/bar in Cienfuego during a visit to Cuba. Their music is uplifting, lovely singing with magical rhythms. We got it out specially for lockdown and it works.

  1. Sobre una tumba una rumba
  2. Sabroso
  3. Hojas para bano


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