Michelle’s story


Hello. My name is Michelle and I am the Transport Supervisor for Dial-a-Ride. Many of you will have heard my voice when you telephone Qube. I’m responsible for organising transport for members, working with our volunteers and the rest of our amazing team.

I have worked for Qube for just over10 years. Before Qube my career was in road transport haulage, so I’m on very familiar ground. As part of my job I work mostly with Tim, Sophie and Laurel. I’m fortunate because I oversee Qube in Laurel’s (who is our Chief Officer) absence so I get to work closely with everyone.

Qube is an exciting place to work. A typical day at Qube involves a lot of talking, phone calls and a much-needed constant stream of tea (thank you to my colleagues!). A never-ending supply of biscuits and cakes, generously provide by our wonderful members and volunteers, definitely adds pleasure to my day.

The thing I love most about my role is the constant banter in the transport and reception areas, either between Sophie, Tim and me, or with members of staff and volunteers walking through to the kitchen (hence the endless supply of tea!). We are lucky that there is a lot of laughter at Qube HQ.

It’s been quite a new experience working from home.  We are such a close team, so we still have a lot of contact and laughs communicating through SLACK which is our internal messaging system set up by Bridget. Heather, our Chair of Trustees, gave each of us a toy bunny before we started to work from home; we will be sending pictures of our bunnies in various places doing various things! We hold a bi-weekly ‘Qubra’ meeting via Zoom and this is great fun (as well as talking about the serious stuff of course). It’s so nice to see everyone – albeit on a screen.

Since we have been working from home I realise how much I miss the busy transport office. Just having a chat with our members and my colleagues, many of whom I’ve worked with for a long time, knowing that they are ok are really important. The tea rota is not as good at home as it is in the office, however!

When we can go back to work I’m going to wonder what on earth has hit me!! It will take readjustment (again). I’m looking forward to catching up with people: just going into the building and saying ‘good morning’ (like I always do!) to all the staff and volunteers that arrive before the building opens. And then, switching the Dial-a-Ride phone lines on at 10am, thinking – I wonder who will be the first person to call Qube?

My favourite biscuit of all times? It’s a Mint Viscount – they remind me of visiting my nana; you knew they were saved for VIP visitors. And, French Fancies.

My top three lock-down songs are

  1. Dancing Queen – Abba
  2. A Kind of magic – Queen
  3. Set Fire to the Rain – Adele


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